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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Malacca Trip

Finally~finally i can online in my hostel room..i been suffered since laz friday when i back to hostel and found out that my hostel wifi got some problems~lolzzzz..i wanna update my Malacca Trip since laz friday but damn wifi~
Today~Wednesday,after 5 days suffer,i finally online!!!!!!!Update my blog at the first time:D orelse i sure will forget what i did during my Malacca Trip

Before i went into my topic..Malacca Trip..gonna share some photo that we went to the Chatime promotion at The Mines,Chatime The Mines launched a buy 1 free 1 promotion from 27 Feb till 4 March..yuppie..enjoy chattime with all my coursemate at chatime.
I am Loving the time that shares with my coursemates so much♥ u guys noe that this is my laz semester~ughhhh

Coursemates♥ NakedFace we all~This photo without me,becos i am the camera Gal!!!@@@@

Is my turn~really hope that that will be another chatime next time

okay..done my chatime session, back to the topic~Malacca Trip
Scary face since i woke up in the morning for waiting my fren coming to fetch me

We placed our car at TBS Bandar Tasik Selatan because Cindra is a Malacca-rian so her babyboy will be our tour guider when we reached Malacca~
After 1 and half hours, we reach Alor Gajar Town, A wonderful town,izi??

Having our lunch at Ah Ma Fish Cake at Jonker Street that~

Ah Ma??????Her????

A lot of angmo line up at there and been waiting their laksa, so we joined them as well as this shop was self service so we served ourselves..

URghhh~Lomo style Restaurant

I think it shud be the time for me to take the first picture in Malacca~Peace~i like the lomo and traditional style of this shop so much~
Take 1

Take 2

Our Food and ice was coming~

Baba Laksa kahwin Nyonya Asam Laksa

Nyonya Asam Laksa


Delicious Durian Puff treated by Cindra and her babyboy, Benny
I like it!!!!NICE!!!!!!u all muz try it when go Malacca

We went for a shopping at Mahkota Parade and Pahlawan Shopping Mall after our lunch~
These two shopping were nothing special so i juz skipped it~

I been craving for this Nadeje Layer cake since long long time ago~my frenz been there b4 always describe its delicious to me so this layer cake is a "muz try" when visited Malacca. This shop actually is a cafe, so there are others food and beverages served by this shop except layer cakes

A lot of favourite can be chosen from cake counter, we had been in dilemma while choosing it as we are craving for all of the favourite actually, we really wanna try all but we in cash shortage problem~haha, so lastly we oni choose 3 types of mille crepe..i am sure that there will be another chance for me to try others.

Double chocolate crepe =RM9.50

Original Crepe= RM9.00

Strawberry Crepe = RM9.90

Me~ soli,not available in stock!!!

Super thx to Cindra & Benny Couple that bring us to this shop as we drive around quite a time to search for this shop

62 likes these crepe so much and she say they all were tasty enuf, but to me, i think it is quite plain taste, i love sweet actually, but i am quite recommend for this shop, u guys shud pay it a visit when visit Malacca~

Izi wondering where we heading to~ Dun wondering plz~can u c the driver back t shirt???
Yes, i sure u guys get it, we went Go Go KTV BOX!!!!
What the hell, i think that u guys start thinking~$%#%^ sing k when visit Malacca???~izi anythings special of this KTV box?? YES!!!
THis KTV box was located on the sea, u may see amazing sea view when sing k inside it..
There was a "DUDU car " service provided by GO GO KTV box to fetch us go to their KTV BOX~

Camwhoring session was coming~
 Wow~izi the view was pretty???

Here we reached!!!!

 Can u guys saw it??Sea view from KTV room~

Bye Bye~Go Go KTV~ we juz experieced it at there for 2 hours only

Oh no~ a super long corridor, tat's y the "DUDU car" service been served by KTV box

We are waiting in front of the KTV box ,wait wat???of course is the "DUDU car" lo~
The staff of KTV will help us called back d DUDU car after we finished sing k, caring service
 yeah~Dudu car reached!!!!!

A laz photo before we leave by taking DUDU car,wow~ amazing nite sea view

Another muz when visited Malacca~SATAY CELUP
We no visit Capitol satay celup as i noe Capitol is always the first choice for outside visitors, that was a reason of course~  Do u guys still remember i mentioned in front of this post tat Cindra's babyboy- Benny is a real Malacca-rian, so he is good in searching the eat place!!! he recommend this shop as he say this OLD VILLAGE was better than capitol :D

NICE!!!!!!!i love the nut sauce of this shop so much~ i never try Capitol before so i cannot make any comparison~but, really tasty!!!!!!!i wanna eat this shop's satay celup next time again, my saliva is out now when thought about the satay celup!!!!

Super recommend!!!!!!OLD VILLAGE SATAY CELUP!!!!!AWESOME!!!!

Cindra and Benny looked tired after be our tour guider for whole time muz treat u 2 eat or drink!!!

I think we were super crazy, actually we juz plan for a one day Malacca trip, went at morning and back at we didnt bring any clothes to change~and i juz bring a handbag, such a crazy us, we change our plan lazly, wanna stay there for a nite so Mr. Benny helps us look for a hotel -Hotel Ninety Six. One nite for RM82 and free for 2 breakfast serving

Let us looks around of the environment of this hotel room...comfortable!!!!!!

The most important was~ the washroom of this hotel room was so clean!THx sweetheart- Cindra, i noe u noe my need!!!

Benny was treated us a breakfast feast but i not capture it~
So is the time for us to go back my hostel, waiting our bus at Malacca Central

Again, we hungry when reached TBS bandar Tasik Selatan~so, eat again~
Kenny Rogers

After finished our lunch, 62 fetch me go back to hostel, quite tired after 1 and half day trip, i need a nap immediately or else i will become older!!!

NO--No--No--not finish yet~
The super important thing is muz thx to the Caring Couple

Cindra & Benny

This is my Malacca trip, bye bye

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  1. Interesting!! makes me feel like visit Malacca suddenly...ohhh nooo!!! keep IT up gal~~

    1. Urg~ur comment really inspires me continue to write my blog,THX!!

    2. hehe~~craving for MORE actually!!



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