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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Xmas Eve

Juz a warm regards :D I wish my readers Merry Xmas Eve^^xxxxxxxxx
Actually this day aim in having farewell dinner with 62, she is going to graduate,the one day b4 her laz claz~ this semester is her laz sem in UPM~ Have a blast future//galZ

Farewell dinner at this adorable cafe~ Little Star Cafe

This cafe launched a festive set meals promotion//u can simply get a complimentary gift juz order one of it
Anway, this set meal is not my cup of tea:<<

We wish u a merry Christmas, we wish u a merry christmas, we wish u a merry christmas, is a happy new year~Oni the song i can think it when i step inside the shop

playing poker while waiting our food and beverages coming~quite dirty poker


A lot of question marks in my mind suddenly~yes i am thinking where to celebrate Xmas blast
Last blessing to 62//happy Graduation!!!!

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