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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Jingle Bell♥Jingle Bell♥

I' m finally outing~ curious for wat i saying this~Bingo, i trapped inside my university campus almost 2 weeks
I wan freedom~luckily i can release from "jail" tonite, having dinner and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in shopping Mall~ HOHOHO~

I was sick 3 days ago~juz a slight fever,maybe was due to the reason i trapped inside campus too long period~i wanna fun
Ah Yip Herbal Soup is suit for an ex-patient like me, i need some energy and nutrition

The set i am ordering:))coz it is the most valuable set in this shop:((kinda expensive also

I juz out from jail~ Lol, I'm just kidding.LIfe is boring without any jokes

A series of drink and food introduction~i am quite lazy to introduce one over one~ Let picture talk to u//picture can talk,u believe?

Perfect set ordered by me~ my conclusion is no delicious at all, my mum' cooking is better than it far far~

I wanna some breath and sense of Merry Christmas
huhu~ Look at those pretty Christmas decorations! Christmas is juz around the corner

I am getting skinny than skinny~izi i shud happy for that~no~i dun wan skinny on my figure but is on my face

Wondering what is this when we walking around the christmas decoration

 Unbelievable expression when out when i found it what is that~Shock~:<I bet u all can guess it wat is that

Jingle Bell...Jingle Bell♥Jingle Bell♥ Is a small skating court~but izi juz available for children???U shud make it bigger so adult can join it for fun too~:((((((

Wat u all wan to receive during Christmas??i wish u all can receive an awesome present ,of course it is same as me too/////// Merry Christmas//Everyone~Stay Turned
Jingle Bell♥Jingle Bell♥

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