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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Blog is my Photo Gallery of life

My laptop is going to blast if i continue shooting but without do any arrangement for my photo, u noe my laptop# was buying 4 years ago as it only can store for 139 GB~its really small spatial and not enuf based on my needs now!!!! Bobian~so i do some thorough cleanup yesterday, accidentally meet back my N years ago photo~wuahaha, i looks so young and energetic that time~so i decide to delete those photo but store it in my blog~BLOG IS MY PHOTO GALLERY OF LIFE, i need huge courage to show  these memorable memory to all my readers ~i am so pure tat time, juz enjoy it ,ok??? 100% original photo without any editing

When i was 17 years old~ the gal beside me oredi get married and gave birth a baby boy// i shud admit time like flies
Another big secret, i was truly a #peacesign supporter when i was young~ Here are proofs~ almost 90% photo i took i posed with a #peacesign@@@@PEACESIGN FAN I AM

Nasional Service photo at year 2006, when i was 18 years old, having a hardship when joined it that time, but it truly a wonderful experience in my life~get to noe a lot different state of frenz~I lost contact v them:(( CRY:((
Another matter have to advise at here, dun aim too much on the photo quality as all photo r shooting by my handphone nokia6230, u guys muz understand the technology tat time,izi~loll

I cant accept my look in this photo, so juz focus on the signboard behind us````Year 2006

I miss these guy and gal

I miss my young look, unmiss super single eyelid look~however wat cuz this is ME!!!

THis gal has a same surname as me "TOH", she is one of my good buddy in NS tat time too~ JBrian too

Cant imagine i am so thin when i was 18, y i become bun bun face now~getting older geeting fatter//lol

NS buddy meet up in JB city square,these 2 guys are Malacca-rian

If i not remember wrong, this one was celebrated my 20 years old birthday, with my form 6 buddy~they gave me surprise tat time~i love u all

I joined the CPR world record event at 20, a meaningful event

super mummy valerie and lyn teo, having dinner at Taman Permas Jaya

Form 5 gathering at living room, JB~ long time time didnt meet v these beauty

Lastly, i choose to end my post with my little cute cousin "SS" photo, she was acted as a doctor, roleplay~She so cute~~~~~~~~

When i looked back these photo, i can feel i really through an evolution through out these years~ i will continue my evolution without ending~i sure for it!!!
Tat's all for this post~Bye bye//everyone~

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