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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sushi King Bonanza

Recently, i am aim to improve my skill to put false eyelashes~however my skills are so ZAPxxx
haha~practice in my room when my roommate was not in!!
Super big difference u all can find as one small eye n one big eye
It is super uncomfortable!!!
I wonder y nowadays "pretty Meimei" still can wear it to shopping@#$$

 Went for Sushi King Bonanza for lunch today~
Well, oredi support this sushi king promotion many years~i think u guys oso
nth special to introduce u guys, Juz showed u guys wat i ate today
sushi king~ i think u guys oredi eat until puke so juz show some pic here~

Crowded as usual

Money Money GONE~ 
PLZ come back to my wallet

No Shooting PLZ!!!!!!
We need some PRIVACY!!!!!
We muz brave to say
 " NO" to U

Bye BYE~ I will keep updating my blog 

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