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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Overtime ♥♥

Realli gonna thx to Ms GM Hee n her bb, Ms Catherine, Ms Elsa and Ms Lynn Teo &  her bb who came n fetch me for this gathering n go here go there for supper..super n appreciate to u all kindness..give u all a big big hug..alwiz trouble u all ><~of course to Miss Valerie b a contacter too, muacksss~~

Today theme Overtime !!!
Recently Overtime open at Taman Sentosa's Plaza Sentosa, so, definitely muz pay it a visit as it is very near my house ^^
Visit its site if u wanna get more information.

Pictures of the day

Muz look at d menu first before order food & beverages ''..   :')

Food n Beverages we order finalli reach ..>>Starker, Mango n Orange JUICE..OH shit, my hand shaking when i took tis pic..blur ~
Honey Wings:

knuckle 德国猪脚。。It costs RM52..weee..tat's all
Are you drooling yet??? Woohoo, onli can say juz go n try it, tis is my first time try it too :D On my opinion, it taste look a bit like烧肉

It is quite a long time our gals not meets up each others, if i 'm not remember wrong, the laz meeting was on FEBRUARY..its kinda long time ago\

I think tat i never took a single photo v GM before( izi rite??, GM), so tis photo is quite memorable..sweet smile ")

Another photo i appreaciate, all galz..but tat aircon machine is super offend the eyes, but who cares@@ Friendship is more important than everything, except my family

2 pairs of sweet couple ♥♥ on da day..when is my turn??? :

Love tis pic ♥♥ ...dunno y..jz love it ♥♥  Realli hope tat next meeting , phik phik and kaiying will attend, where they r??

We finish our drinks n it almost reach d time to separate..sad :"(
Haha...@@@ not so early lah...we follow our schedule by going to a supper at 阿镖云吞面 n oso satay luplup n continue chitchat at there, ( actualli we wan eat satay luplup at Jalan Serampang but so unlucky d lorry not coming) Ms GM n her bb not foolow us as GM has to work on next day*..i noticed tat Miss Elsa leave a msg on FB tat she will stop heavy supper start frm now..I jz want to say..I' M NOT...HAHA//LOL% izi i m brave enuf..ha

There are quite a lot of ppl still having their supper at there, so i dun dare to held d satay luplup fun fun photo session again at there, forgive me, oK :) good nite..we realli have to separate now..waiting for next meeting, hope to c phik phik n kaiying♥♥♥♥

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