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Monday, 5 September 2011


Juz found out quite a lot of shop prefer to quote their shop name end v "licious"..u mayb wonder y i say like r d PROOF..i didnt tell lies:D :DPROOF PROOF PROOF

Proof No 1

Proof No 2

 Rules can be sweet too?? I agree but juz for tis adorable shop, no way for other place ^^lollipop

This shop is super cute n lovely, alot of lollipop :D can i as sweet n cute as those lollipop too~u can puke if u wish, my EQ is high :*)

Proof No 3

These cake all more delicious than secret recipe, u can give it a try, it juz located in Taman Pelangi

Can u discover these shop with name "licious" r all sell food?? so un-creative n innovative,izi??( hope these shop owner wont find it) so i juz name my post title as can name for people too act, clap for me. haha ,i admit tat i m enuf brainded

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