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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lovely StuFF

SJuz show u guy wat i using daily..skincare product, cosmetic, haircare and some lalazaza.
All these stuff r quite cheap but useful to me, BUT it mayb suit me, doesn't mean it suit u too..JUZ C c lah.

Muz prepare a camera before i shoot my product to do blog..testing 1/2/ problem

SHOw Time Begin
Super important step, all gals shud use peeling gel to remove cuticle, unless ur skin cant absorb watever skincare product u put on ur face!!

O'slee is a brand came frm HONG KONG, i love its rose smell as well^^
 I super promote tis toner, Advanced formula III. POPULAR PRODUCT

Biore sunblock, protect my skin become darker, make me younger..SPF 25 i tin, but i realize tat new version is SPF 28

Vaseline////use it on body sunblock

 FOUR types of BB cream, which is better??????Wat is ur choice???? I will show u d answer on next pic

My Favorite===DR G LIMITED EDITION BB cream, oni cost RM45 when i bought it on d promotion buy 1 free 1 at SASA shop(Super valuable), Singapore sell $42=RM90++

I m single eyelid, so muz using this product to make double eyelid, birthday gift from my besties..KOJI EYE TALK

 Maybeline long lasting eyeliner, i m poor in making eyeline..but tis product not bad

Palgantong soft powder面具粉,make ur make up more natural

KOSE skincare product one set..DUN misunderstanding all belong my lil sister..i wonder y she so rich

Hair treatment product -soft mud

Hair Organic Repair Essence, i love tis product,bought on a hair saloon

Finalli DONE..hey gals,if u r interested in any product i showed above n wanna get it , leave me a commet, i will inform u where can get it,ok : P


  1. hey my dear roomie last sem, just drop by to let u know i got view your blog neh~ gambateh in d coming semester!!!

  2. TQ for ur support!!!my dear roomie too♥ Same to u too, fight for next 4 semester.If got any question about d course, juz come find me o sms me la♥



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