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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Easy Birthday Celebration ♥♥

This birthday celebration happened after i finished "zap"(tidy up) my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This birthday celebration happened at 911 too..ha..i sure u guys cant found out who's birthday is it if i oni upload d photo i is better let me show u guys these photo first, so u guys can guess it : )

First Station
Birthday muz eat cake as it is a traditional to everyone so d first station we went is secret recipe located at Mines~

2 Slices of Birthday cakes of the day:

 This gal is the birthday girL??? I dun think so. NOT...she is not d birthday gal on da day,dun get it wrong
 Haiyo@@, wanna get a ss photo b4 i leave secret recipe, i m super tired after clean my room, u c>< my shooting skill bcome so bad oso after tat, but half face photo oso quite special..

Second Station
OH..YAYA, we continue our next station to sakae sushi, it juz open at Mines, a Japan food juz located opposite of the secret recipe..its food damn nice,i think la

The order touch screen in da shop, we didnt use it as it is more faster as we straightaway order tru waiter ##whom hand is it??

I m super thirsty after i clean my room n due to d reason we didnt order any beverage at cake shop, so we order hot green tea, it is quite special as it give us tea bag n we need to make our drinks ourselves.

 The hot water supply machine juz bside our sit, convenient design but trouble oso,u get wat i meant??u will get it when u visit tis shop, go to experience it by urself ,ok??

Adorable menu..can u c..the frog is drinking water..same as me.....>>> I'm Thirsty, this is wat my mind on tat moment..i wan drink..

Food of the day:

Muz capture the moment..♥♥
The Birthday GUY finalli appear, lok yee Boyfie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY..sweet sweet :)thx him so much tat fetch us go eating n buy my daily use stuff..of course to Lok yee, Jiajia n Yying♥♥♥♥♥♥muz put love to show my appreciation. GO BCK SLEEP LO

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