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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Langkawi Island Day 3♥

Is day 3 i in Langkawi is the day we gonna back to KL, our flight at 3.20pm so it is impossible we continue our seaside activity as we need check out hotel at 12pm, so i just suggest to go for a simply shopping at duty free zone around the underwater world there.

We went to Underwater World Langkawi to have a look,just check it's environment and the price..
Shoot down the animal feeding session for you guys information, remember don't miss these animal's feeding and performance session next time:D
The weather was super hot and we felt so thirsty to shop around the shopping zone, so we decided to find a place for rest, that was the place we decided-Red Tomato restaurant & lounge
We look so tired`lolxx
It was so relaxing coz the phenomena of this lounge make us so enjoyable:D
One pepsi for RM5, beer even cheaper than pepsi in Langkawi><
After we had rest in Tomato, it was about the time to check in in order back to LCCT, not much things i brought in Langkawi....
Bye Bye Langkawi!!!!! >><<
A simple day 3 Langkawi trip....
The end!!!!

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