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Friday, 6 July 2012

Langkawi Island Day 1♥

So i am immediately start my another trip(Langkawi Island trip) after the Port Dickson half day trip with my coursemates...Seriously, my mood is damn down on that morning because my period is coming...what the fxxk..i felt kinda uncomfortable and my vacation mood was totally get affected :((

Back to the topic,our flight is at 12pm, btw we reached LCCT at 9 is a bit early so we having our breakfast at old town first before check in... 

After had breakfast, we check in!!!!

My damn down=sad/bitter look.....nth ache but a bit uncomfortable feeling on my abdomen part...lolxx...If you are a gal,you should knew that feeling but this is out of the topic for guys><
Finally reached 12pm, we took some photo on the airbus before it fly onto air......BAD mood BAD mood go away....summer day is coming...i should enjoy my holidays.....This is so called self-comforting^^Let me kick out all unhappy mood~

After 1 hour, we reached Langkawi Island...We rented a car and drive it to our hotel for check in. A kinda new hotel- fave hotel we booking at Cenang Beach area. 3 days 2 night with 2 pax of free breakfast for one room cost RM385.

Photo is quite blur because i just simply grab it from the hotel official website...
Gonna thx Cindra and her boyfriend, Benny so much for planning this trip...
Benny is check-ing in now,.........
I can't waiting to see my hotel room ....A little sleepy look that time...and i look so messy...gonna in hotel room for some tidy up actions..lolxx

The room design looks nice???i think the room design was quite romantic and it is so suitable for couple...lolxxx....i am the bulk inside the room cuz i shared room with 62 and her bf, paiseh ya~~~~~

I used to shoot on the washroom cuz the cleanliness of washroom can affect my mood is on the acceptable level...

So, we start our first station, Eagle Square... my friend told me that is a must to shoot a photo with the eagle...well, i did shooted but the photo was all inside the Benny's canon camera..lolxxxxx....i don't know when can i get the photo...

After surfing around th eagle square, it was almost the dinner we chose to have our dinner at the Chef Kiong, Orkid Intan Seafood Restaurant at Kuah Town...

Bohkid purposely bought a bottle of pine wine.......THX!!!!
Sponsored by Bohkid^^

Food of the day:

We not going anywhere after we had dinner as everyone were tired and Cindra even get a bit drunk after drank the the best matter to do was went back hotel to have a good rest..To be frank, i felt tired tooooo><

Woohoo..finally have a bath and can lie down on the bed was so so so everyone///Good nite and have a sweet dream....cuz i am going to have a wonderful day on my second day of Langkawi trip...
Do stay tuned on my Langkawi Island Day 2

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