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Saturday, 21 April 2012

I am touched♥

I blogged once i woke up at this lovely Saturday, have a sweet+comfortable sleep whole nite, so i am hyper energetic now, so in order not to waste the energy, i am blogging.....i look dumb by wearing my spec~

What a lovely Saturday♥♥♥♥I am so touched~ touched~touched~ Still remembered the content of my laz post, if u oni looked at the photo, mostly u wont noticed or juz simply missed wat i wrote..well...a small review~
The last part content......" a small complaint on myself"

OMG~ i received some comments of my blog readers~ so warm!!!!!!!!!at least now i noe my blog was really really get been read< touching now again~xoxo~
Again, thx for u all support!!!so i will continue writing..stay support ya@@

Gonna introduces a kinda not bad German bar & restaurant in this post~my saliva is getting out now once i thought about this bar & restaurant~ craving for it now i start my review

Brotzeit, German Bier Bar & Restaurant
Lot G(E)-018, Ground External Floor
Mid Valley Megamall
59200 Kuala Lumpur

German language vs English?? Can you get it??
 Actually this restaurant 's food is at high average prices for all food and beverages~ we cant afford to order the food inside the menu as i still not work, spend the pocket money without thinking is too worst~

But~they are now having lunch promotion for all customer, to me, i think it is super set lunch plus one lemon tea or dessert for oni RM10 -RM20. now...we can enjoying~

  Lemon tea included in the set lunch

A self-service sugar water mug, u may add on into lemon tea according ur favorable.

 chit-chat~ ><
Our main course
Soli, guys and gals, i forgot the name for all dishes we order
This one probably was Chicken Burger set -RM12.50 (cheap right?)

OMG>>wat is this, i only remember price - RM15.50

Pork steak?? RM14.50

We still unsatisfied, so we went to have a dessert time at SnowFlake Mid Valley too~
Now, SnowFlake was having combo promotion, u may get a discount for ordering their combo A and combo B set, and u can get a Pearl Milk Tea juz simply add on RM3, wat are u still waiting for???

Beeping UFO~ cute~

We ordered combo set A without add on Pearl milk tea..kinda not bad..taste was quite looks like Zen Q, black ball..i found that this kind of dessert was extremely popular nowadays..y huh??the stall was so crowded, so difficult to find a space to sit oso.

Gonna end my blog~ bubble eyes..i hate u again, i think i look like kitten in this photo..miao~miao~miao~
Do leave me a comment oso if you guys and gals have any good place such like fun place, restaurant, cafe or bar to introduce~i am looking forward~

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  1. Wow seem not bad for the restaurant there. I am going there someday on May then as having trip on May too. Well I seldom take down all the nice food but I only snap down many nice view only. Mostly now were at singapore. Probably can shre with next time. Anyway keep it up k? I will follow up with ur blog every time for more nice food. ^_^ gambateh!

  2. After read your comment~boost up my energy again to blog~will keep updating, so stay tuned.

  3. Wow, I like brotzeit as well^^



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