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Monday, 2 January 2012

My Wish at 2012

Welcome 2012
New Year, New Wish
i prepared to blog yesterday as 1/1/2012, but i went to choose my new bedstead yesterday, kinda lazy to open my laptop after one day shopping, so i change my plan to today
Back to the topic
what my wishesss in this 2012????

My first wish is the most traditional but extremely important wish that must come true
1)I hope my parents live healthy, happy, enjoyable 4ever, the same blessings so on goes to my 4 siblings too

♥ I love u aLL♥

2) My second wish is to get myself a new handphone in this 2012, my nokia handphone spoilt 2 months ago,  so i have to get myself a new phone asap~
By the way, do u guys think Iphone 4s is the best choices???
I wanna get iphone since it released 2 o 3 years ago~izi my wish can come true in this year??haha~i think i shud change my first wish to "Money Money come by winning a lottery"

3) My third wish seem like reflect me that i am a materialistic gal~haha~whom gals not loving branded??
     Wuahaha, i hope to buy a Burberry handbag~yes~i am 20+ years old, a mature woman now, so i started
      to pursuit branded stuff, however, this wish is not so important to realise as i am still a student, dun have
      any financial ability yet :((((
Last but not least

hope your wishes will come true in 2012!! same as me too ^^

My Last Wish

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