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Thursday, 12 January 2012

KL美食@Craving Day Part 3♥

We choose Steamboat as our dinner ,yupie, i am craving for steamboat quite a long time ago, it is suggested by 62 as she say she missed so much about this shop's sauces, slices of pork as laz time she had gathering v others frenz at here, so definitely i shud try too , i dun wan miss any chance to explore new shop includes new food ><

what is this shop call?? " Lao Ma Zi = Old Mother?? Chong Qin Steamboat" Kinda creative name, suddenly i miss my mum~

There are a lot of dish choices inside menu~u can c their plate dish price is quite reasonable, around RM1- RM5 for each plate~

Everyone are pay attention in choosing(62 boyfie DIN!!!!!!, he focused on ipad2~ ><)

Aurora did the same job,focus focus focus~

i leave the choosing job to these 2 ladies, wuaha, coz my job is capture picture//peace~capture picture time is always fun//but my frenz always complain that dun put their ugly photo on blog, trust me, k??all photo i catching are awesome!!

Can c tru that this shop is pay high attention to their hygiene, give them a clap please (><)

WOWwowWow, there are altogether 13 choices of sauces available in this shop, we can simply mix them according to our favourite, one of the attractiveness of this shop, clap

Sauces made by "ME", i make it without any sense, juz according my favourite, but the final taste luckily is quite acceptable~HOO

"Yuan Yang" Pot ordered by us, the spicy soup really spicy like hell, i am sore throat after "enjoy" it on the second day, but truly say~Awesome !!

We ordered a set, this set suit for 2 or 3 person, of course we still order other side dishes, but i forgot to shoot them down~

Fried bun ordered by Aurora, this is her favourite

Pixexxxxx@@@have a pic v her fried "mantou"

Watermelon and a scoop of honey dew ice-cream served as our desserts

i think this is my laz part for this craving day series, izi u craving for these food(from part 1 till 3)??
I am really satisfied after enjoyed these craving food that i wanna try since long time ago~
Bye bye, is 12.48am now, i shud get my bed now :D

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