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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

KL美食@Craving Day Part 1♥

Super contented after done my craving day v 62~as i promised i will update my blog at the first moment while i jailbreak from my hostel, the first station is Tony Roma's at Sunway Pyramid~

Gals and Guys// I wish u all Gong Xi Fa Cai & Happy Lunar New Year

This is the first time i step into Tony Roma's Ribs.Seafood.Steaks Restaurant,i heard this restaurant since long time ago but never think of try it. A lot of menu served in the cafe, if i not shooted less, there are altogether 4 menu available~

This menu is our preferred, valuable set lunch as this menu only can get it by requested, u guys remember to request it next time!!!

I like the effect of this photo, 100% without amended by any photoshop tool

Lets the pictures do the talking to u guys about the environment of this restaurant

Craving time for foods and beverages

B.Potatoes Soup

I dunno the name for this bread, but it is kinda special

this is butter, but its smell is kinda weird, sorry to say, it is not suitable to my taste bud, a bit disgusting

6 different sauces to choose, the original chilli sauce is my favourite after i try all of them!!!

Mojo Chicken Set (i hate Chicken Breast, i hate myself that forgot to tell waiter to change it to other part of chicken//sucks me~ :(((()

Car~?? Sandwich

keep a close look to this dish, acceptable level to the taste ( i try a small portion ^^)

1/4 BBQ Chicken Set (not bad)

62 was just purchased a new ipad 2

Yes~same to her boyfie too, a new purchased handphone//well~ this is so called a technological era-2012, one is busy-ing with his new handphone, and another one is busy-ing with her new ipad 2, i wanna give this couple a new nickname "Touch- touch couple". SUIT???

Wuwu~ this "touch-touch couple" juz busy with their handphone and ipad2 and dun wan ignore me~ wuwuwuwwu~~~~~~~~I wanna CRY, technologic had change the pattern of  ppl communication, do u guys agree??i wanna join them next time too if i can fulfil my dream to get a iphone 4s this month :)) lolz~ leave me alone, i am dreaming now with my iphone 4s buddy
Can u c the word- Part 1?i not sure how many parts for this craving day series, but check my blog daily if u r interested to follow sequence parts too~ Stay Tuned ^^Updated soon

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