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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Father Day Review

///Another photo clear operation from my computer~
traced back to father day~ these photo was stored in my father day picture folder 5 months

We have a simple celebration dinner at a shop called "Hup Sheng", sorry to inform that this shop closed at 31/8/2011 as according to statement of boss~ they are too old and is time to rest~ so sadly to heard about it..this is one of my daddy love shop, he love so much on the fried chicken dish

I found this series photo we all looks sad~ nothing smile at all~i wonder y?????

My monkey looks~my mummy got deep deep double eyelid, lolxxxx, y i m single eyelid~cant imagine
my whole family members was single eyelid

My daddy hate to take photo~

my sad ???hate???face again~

My daddy favourite dish~ Fried Chicken


Steamed Fish

Salt vegetable Soup~

This one i almost cry~haha~ juz playing around oni,k! actualli i am happy that day

Juz a simple update + photo rearrangement ^^
Recently i forced myself to update daily juz becuz i dun wan to disappoint my blog visitors when they visit me

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