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Friday, 4 November 2011

I WON♥ TQ Silky Girl

Wondering Y? Y? i am saying myself is a lucky gal iz?
here is the answer~ I won a pair of silky lips magic pink lip balm from the "The Silky Lips Giveaway" Quiz~ 
Thx my mummy~ actually she wanna me finding izi any free brushes giveaway session on internet, but accidentally i found this giveaway quiz~ so anxious when i took part it~i answered and completed the quiz in half a minute~ i was quite sad because i am the 7th ppl pass out the answer and i tot i lose,but i check it the resut at nite~ OMG~
I am so happy i am one of the winner and oni First trial first win
U understood y i saying myself is a lucky gal now??

Unbelievable that i won it~

I am the daily winners for 29th October~i  am No 9

My prizes~ Silky Lips magic pink lip palm~ Thx Silky Girl

POSE  YEAH again~I like this sign becoz it make me look younger and enegetic!~ A lovely DAY♥

Don't envious me~ Now u get the chance to get a free lip balm too~


or click the picture below~
what u need to do is juz fill ur detail then submit, after that u can wait ur stuff at home ^^

I really hope all my readers have a lovely day and a sweet/"sexy" lip as me~
Faster go grab for urself a lip balm 

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Have a Nice DAY :)

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