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Monday, 24 October 2011

My Happiest Moment

First, when i was found this competition in Nuffnang~ i am super excited~ Well, i really extremely wanna win a high quality camera to shoot every happy and precious moment in the coming future. Actually i not sure what is means by "high quality" for a camera~ Starting from the first glance when i look at the Olympus Pen, this camera tell me "it belong to me". Yes!! i believe it will become fact in the future~Would you??The answer is definitely 

Back to the topic~ My Happiest Moment
Have you ever felt like you wanted to press pause on life to stay in a moment forever??
(taken from nuffnang website)
I repeatedly on asking myself this question. First though appeared in my mind ~ that was the moment i was having crazy fun with my siblings since i am still a little girl. I enjoyed a carefree life with my lovely siblings during my childhood since i do not have to worry about anythings. I am still a "pure" girl!! However, i sure that this scene will not happen again in the future.
It should to say like this ~ as people grow up and definitely there will be a lot of headaches matter waiting for us, we are worry and struggle about our future, money, career and maybe our child. The most innocent smile of me will not be appeared again!!
I understand myself that i will not be able to experience this happiest moment again in my left coming years but there will be certain a lot of happy moment is waiting for me and i hope i can use the Olympus Pen to capture down those every happy moment.

To be continue.......

Altogether i have 5 siblings, include me too. I am the middle child, as i have one big brother, one big sister, one little brother and one little sister.
I really feel contented to born in this family.
Well, this photo make me happiest and also make me sadness when i looked back it currently.
Simply because the quality of our siblings' relationship is change~sad~ we often quarrel and argue just due to some trivial little things in daily life.
How i wish so much i could fly back to this happiest moment when i looked this photo
Just wanna make the most simplest wish at here~
Bro and Sis, i hope we can went back this happiest moment again ~
I wish if my wish is come true, i can use the Olympus Pen to make this moment last forever
I hope my dream will come true~I wish so much

My Happiest Moment

I am the girl who stand in the middle who wear white dress and smile until see teeth not see eyes^^

I choose the dark green Olympus Happy Photography logo variations as green colour is the colour of balance. It also symbolizes learning, growth and harmony. I wish me and all my siblings can learn to tolerate each others and growth more mature together and so on we are able to gather together to create the most happiest moment with the most brilliant smile in the world.

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