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Monday, 10 October 2011

08 & 091011

Saturday, 081011, 12.35pm, The Mines
What i done during this pass weekend?? 8 & 91011??
Saturday~i went to Mines with 2 friends
We ate Sakae Sushi again at Mines
but we not order sushi~i ate soba while my 2 frenz ate teriyaki chicken set~
My hair was so messy and dry on tat time, i m hungry

I muz respect my frenz privacy~so~~mosaic plz

 Our foods on tat day:

We took some photo before back

Super paiseh moment
Can u found out tat we both accidentally weared the same colour polo T tat day
haha~ so ngam ngam laio
I m paiseh so i put my hand on my face..Ka Ka Ka

091011, 3.37pm, my messy room
Wat's going on with these stuffs???
Yeah~all r make up stuff ya~
One of my friend was going to attend a ball as we called it as "Course Nite", but I din joined
So, my mission was be a temporary make up artist for her on tat day

Rebonding machine is a muz!!!!

 Let me help u ,ok???
besties: ok,ok,ok,faster help me~

Done~ Finalli.......

My oily hair, tired face and my biochemistry text book( i hate it)

p/s:Hey fren~ Hope u r the pretties and gorgeous woman tat nite.

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