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Friday, 23 September 2011

RasaMas~Get Shock IT

A shock and super disappointed lunch yesterday.Well, we get lunch in RasaMas after i finished my Biochemistry class~
We choose RasaMas as our lunch as the KFC shop bside is super crowded..we realli lazy to queue up. so we prefer RAsaMas as we can get served by sure more comfortable at KFc (self service)

The Menu of RasaMas is quite attractive,haha, we r chicken addicter~

 I juz shoot one photo in RAsaMas shop, can u c tat Malay Gal get shocked when i capture tis picture~so i decide to stop my shooting action as it is nth special about this shop environment.ok, we order our food n beverages so we r start waiting n chatting while waiting our food coming.

Our beverages and mushroom soup is coming

Then is MEat Ball Soup, the taste is so so oni

Well, we r order the set i circle on below photo as it look quite delicious and cheap - Roaster with Chicken Rice..we realli get attracted by the roasted chicken in d photo. WAITING..WAITING`````
OMG, WE all get SHOCKED..when the rice was served..@#$%% OMG again,totally different with the menu, how come bcome like tis????????????IZI Roaster??
We all r super shocked

OHNO...i swear tat i will never pay a visit to tis shop again. JUZ want to ask, will u still visit after c my post....WONDER IT~~~!!!! Well, u can visit but dun ever try to challenge the roaster with chicken rice set ,ok??? I sure u will regret.

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