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Thursday, 1 September 2011

I wanna FLY

Hello hello >< I' been visited to Singapore Sentosa n Resort World laz 2 days. Actualli i realize that mani ppl had been visited there mani times, n mostly as a visitors, we will went inside UNIVESAL STUDIO to have a crazy i didnt plan to blog about univesal studio, it quite boring, rite ><..So, let me introduce a place tat i wish i can fly at there@@..I wish, I hope n I dream..but i will tell u all Y i'm not..:(

i FLY SInGAPORE - Indoor Skydiving  ~ i realli wanna fly when i saw it ..

 And tis video on d board told me-----> ANYONE can FLY!!!! i believe it...but

When i go inside n c d pricelist, i noe NO MONEY NO FLY, i m so POOR!!!! A POOR student i m! how can i fly?
When i so tis pricelist, i m wonder y Singaporean r so rich?? y i m so poor?? stupid though, slap me plz..i shud go to gamble in casino now then onli i can fly, wish me gd luck, k
Due to the reason my dream was vanished, so i juz went to d Viewing site to c others fly b4 i go gamble, better than nth :D
This is how the way to fly, he is a ang mo, quite handsome d. D photo is quite blur, so i will upload a video for u guys, i m kind

The video below  was a gal, good trying...but can u heard a guy laughing voice ?? this guy is so bad, laughing at others, i wan to ask him, do u think u will fly better than her? haha, but nobody will noe tis answer

Capture a picture before i leave viewing zone..i m shine

I admit tat i m a stuborn gal, although i cant fly inside tat transparent box, but i still wan to fly on d land, funny..laugh at me if u wish .....hahahah..i m flying..bye bye

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