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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Can I do it?

Yesterday i went to see my Academic Supervisor.
I sure that you guys dunno what the role of Academic Supervisor
if you r not study in UPM.
Actually i not very clear about too although i oredi study at here 3 years++.
Well, based on my understanding, Academic supervisor shud b the person guide my academic stuff,
such like my result, wat course i get, wat my CGPA something like tat..
I change 3 academic supervisor from first year until now.
So, the academic supervisor i meet yesterday is my third supervisor and i m first time meet him
The main point at here is he wan me to set my target for my tis sem GPA and he wanna record it!!
I juz say i oni wanna achieve first class, 3.75. If i can achieve, i m super satisfied
BUT...he force me tat wanna me set my target at 4 flat!!!(means all A's)
OMGoodness???? CANIDOIT???
For me~ I think is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Y he wanna force me?? CRUEL

Wondering Can i do it
can u found it i m One big eyes, one small eyes~ ET i m

So, i Just read and do some revision for subject biochemistry .
My Big challenge in this semester, as i m once as a science student during my form 5
But , i m super hate Biochemistry..
can't understand at all!!!!!

I am a hardworking student
purposely went to library to lend book to do revision

After 2 hours i study, the result is " damn stupid i m" 
still can't understand at all
My Messy HAIR, My sleepy face..i put some effort at it..
well,wat i get finalli? I m STUPID??
I named my blog as cailyn evolution, y i didn't evolution

Ok i go to bath n stop do revision for Biochemistry..dun wanna c tat textbook again, 
i hate it, put it aside so i cannot c "him"
Eat my dessert-KISS it~Munchy's oat Krunch
I wanna relax so i start watched HongKong drama
"怒火街头“,quite a few month ago d drama
I dun care at least it is nice~
I juz finished watched korea drama" Dream High"
Juz wanna say NICE DRAMA~ i noe it is almost half year ago drama , i realli a bit late to watch it
but oni can say AWESOME DRAMA
p/s: Go watch it, if u love to dance n sing

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