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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

La gourmet bistro乜都捞

We have a meet in La gourmet bistro乜都捞 before we head to satay luplup lorry :) ( * OMG, this was my third time went to La gourmet bistro乜都捞 in this August month, the reason 100% is not because their food is nice, trust me)

La gourmet bistro乜都捞
  • 11, Jalan Kuning 2 Johor Bahru, Johor 80400 Malaysia

La gourmet bistro乜都捞 - briefly describe
i n Miss Elsa order the same dessert, 芒果捞,onli can use "ma ma dei" to describe it~
We move to Satay luplup lorry lo, located in front of HOllywood pub, near DNP there,u will noe it if u r a JOhor Bahru-rean@@

Cute Valerie, izi suitable using tis word to describe her??haha
 These satay luplup are quite tasty, thx for miss lynn Teo recommed for us this stall, but d chilli sause realli spicy, u can try it if u love spicy food.
 Held a 乐乐photo session b4 we getting start to our satay 乐乐, smile smile smile, it make us we muz smile everyday!!!!

Within 15 minutes, u become like this, satay luplup orede inside our stomach..gonna do a lot of exercise to burn calorie..lolz, skinny is pretty
A good happy ending for tat nite, so let us say cheese and pose a cute posture for our laz ending photo..smiling...123 :D VICTORY..BYEBYE

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